The name of the movie is Being Cyrus, now this obviously makes one wonder what kind of a movie this is. Is it about Cyrus or is it about a guy who pretends to be Cyrus… I had these questions in my mind when i picked up the movie to watch and know for myself. The only thought on my mind was Saif Ali khan plays the lead role of Cyrus mistry in this movie, so obviously it has to be a good entertaining movie. I wasnt entirely right, but i wasnt completely wrong either.

The movie revolves around the Sethna family
.The older son, a retired sculptor –Dinshaw Sethna(Naseerudin Shah) and his wife Katy(Dimple kapadia) living in a rustic house in Panchgani and in Bombay,in a shack lives the old frail father,Fardoonjee Sethna (Honey Chhaya ) with his 2nd son and daughter in law ,Farokh Sethna(Boman Irani) and Tina(Simone Singh) . Where does Cyrus feature in this family? was my query . He is the one who acts as a missing link in the family but he is also someone who is liked by all.

The six characters in this movie play against each other in a bizarre manner. The tale revoles around the 2 Sethna families andbetween Panchgani and Bombay. As the movie proceeds it gains a psychological insight into the familyand reveals that everything is not all right with the Sethna family.Not just that, even Cyrus comes across as an odd ball character, he doesnt seem to fit . Whatis he doing here? why is he here in Panchgani? what is his connectionto the Sethna family? are all questions that will be answeredeventually .

Its only when Cyrus comes into the house and takes on the role of Dinshaw’s apprentice that the various cracks and gaping craters in the family come out in the open . The movie did leave me confused in certain places and had me wondering if the Director was nuts, did he make this movie with some sort of a plot in mind or did he just cook it up as he walked along…. The crimes, the sweets, the love, the bloodshed all unravels towards the end, which is when the pieces of this puzzle beautifully created by TIna fall into place and you realise Who Cyrus is…

Amidst all this serious chaos, is the wacko character of Inspector Lovely(Manoj Pahwa) ,who is anything but a Cop and yet plays the role to the T . Everytime he shouts Arrey Tambey makes you laugh and when TIna tells him she has a waxing appointment, this silly Inspector tells her “madame, my daughter is also into candles” or something Duh like that.. but it gives a good breather from all those heavy scenes going on around and in the final scene, he sures rattles the living daylights out of Dimple.. ok, ok.. i shall not reveal anymore.. All i wanna say is watch the movie and figure out who Cyrus Mistry is..

Knock Knock!!

( before opening the door and letting anyone into your home!!!)

Aug 02, 2006 04:01 PM

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