Day 3 Tuesday, the day I was looking fwd to.. Cos in the eve we had Mehta’s reception and then we were off to hosur… had spoken to my uncle asking abt Taxi, but around noon on tue, he said I shd just take their car n driver, cos it would be safer and was just till wed noon and they can manage… So,one problem solved.. went about the day and got ready around 5, n left home around 5.30 to Hotel Grand Ashoka ,near Race course.. had to fill gas in the car before that and finally reached the venue.. It was a huge place,all lit up and looking grand indeed ,after abt 10mins,anita called saying she is on her way and she be there in less than 20min, but reached after 25-30mins.. I was jus loitering abt cos I dint know anyone but Shweta’s immediate family, got to speak a few words with her before anita came,when shweta n her sis arrived in the car all decked up.. After anita came, we went into the reception hall that was a lawn converted into a hall ,lavishly decorated… Chit chatted with shweta, met her friends, talking to them a bit , gave her the gift and made a beeline for the exit .. managed to grab a few starters before we headed to the car to make our way to Hosur… Caught up on whats been happening during the car ride n reached Hosur in abt an hour n 15mins, since we had the map from the invite, made it to the hall with no hassles just as the reception was abt to end.. said hi To Reena rungta who’d come with her hubby,2nd daughter-Prerna and mom, then went n took pics with meenal n Ram n then went to have dinner in the basement dining hall..There we met Meenal’s colleague from E&Y Smriti,who stayed with us at nite n left next day with her hubby who’d flown down from Delhi… Were at the mandap till abt 11,and were pretty tired..meenal who had gone to have dinner was still missing, so we ventured to the dining hall and dragged her outta there and asked her abt our stay… She spoke to her sis n asked us to wait a couple of mins, during which we helped her out of the heavy jewellery n saree she was wearing into a salwar n finally got the Go ahead, to go to the hotel where Reena rungta n other guests were staying.. we hopped into our cars n got to the hotel.. It was called Hotel Sivaranjini, her jiju was there waiting for us… we then got into our room, Room no.313 with 3beds and a tv and a lovely view.. Too tired to do anything, we jus changed and crashed..>Smriti had some work to do, so I was chit chatting with her a bit as she worked on her laptop and then I dozed off…Bzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Day 4

Next morn I awoke around 6.30 jus as Smriti’s alarm went off.. we then got our wedding clothes ready and took turns showering n getting ready..1st time I helped someone else tie a saree, and told Smriti who was leaving early to double chk it with the beautician..;) that’s how much confidence I had in my skills..hehehe After a couple of mins,I woke Anita up, she got up around 8, and then got abt getting ready by which time I was all ready… called Reena n went across to her room to give the dress I had bot her daughter,chit chatted with her mom for a bit by which time anita had gotten ready,packed and was out with all our stuff n ready to go. ;o) We headed to the mandap, n I headed straight to Meenal’s room, where smriti n Seema(beautician) were getting her ready.. helped them out and came out with meenal.. by which time reena had also come.. we then went n had bf.. after that, jus sat n watched the proceedings..vidya also came by then… once the main wedding was over, all took pics with the newly wed couple, we did the same too.. oh,gave her the voucher too..hehehe… was making fun of how she used to be back in school,etc and how she has changed now,all girly girly… Anyways, once all the hulla bulla was over, we were jus buying time and waiting to scoot from there.. but her sis insisted we have a quick lunch and so we obliged … J we left the mandap around 12, and went to the school run by Vidya;s aunt ,called Siddhartha village school, that is located abt 2kms from the hall and surrounded by hills n lush greenery… was a sight to see… spent some time there, looking around, changed out of wedding attire and by then it was nearly 1 and we decided that we better head back to Blore.. Reached blore around 2.30, and parted ways with anita.. she went to Dell to spend time with Gautam and then meet his parents n I got back home.. OH,we took a nice nap in the car, jus couldn’t stay awake… I got home and was lazing abt, dint do anything.. that nite we ordered out dinner and enjoyed the Rumali roti’s and sabzis.. Again, I crashed around 10.30..guess I dint realise how tired I was…

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