The phone rang and woke me up at 6am today and now am wishing i hadnt answered it.. Sigh… Brought the news that an aunt who had been ill for sometime had passed away… How i hate this month but i also love it for completely different reasons….

Even though you know death is inevitable everytime it happens, it just bogs you down and throws your life off balance and makes you wonder, whats the point of living… It will be a year since my doggy died and now i have more reason to not look fwd to this month even tho this is the time that all are in a Happpy Chirpy mood thanks to Xmas and new years… Why not remove this month from the calendar??? yea, i think i would like that..

This month also means a lot to me cos it brings back a lot of LOVEly memories of times that i cherish and look fwd to happening again… So, am in a ping pong state when it comes to this month… Sigh… wat do i do??????

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