Wanted to share with you last evenings experience.. I got a mail from Hema,of caferati that the e- Authors award function is happening at Oxford bookstore, and so i thought i should chk it out , just to get an idea of what is out there and maybe get some tips from the writers and i am glad i went..
Apparently this e-author contest has been going on for 4yrs but this is the 1st time i am hearing of it,probably cos its the 1st time its happening in Chennai, since the store opened only recently.Got to the store around 6.30,couple of mins before the function began. Mr Chandra,head of sales Oxford store spoke a bit and then Mr Sivanand of Readers digest spoke about writers at Digest and his take on some of the
stories by the winners and that they are going to be releasing a suppliment containing the winning stories in Feb & March 2007.
This time around,three ladies were winners.. They had written about 5short stories each and came out winners from about 5000 odd total entries.. After the prize giving ceremony, we were served Tea in glass tumblers,true Cha bar style and also offered cookies.
The 1st prize winner was Madhulika from delhi,she works as content writer at NIIT knowldege services ,1st runner up was Uma Girish from chennai,a stay home mom and long time writer( i have met her earlier, at our 1st readmeet and again at british council poetry circle meet),she is into non fiction writer and is currently looking for a publisher for a novel she has written… and the 2nd runner up was Srividya,who is away at Harvard doing her Masters, her parents had come to collect the award and her father spoke about her writing career, how it began and how his wife was the one to have encouraged her and the reason behind her success.
Post the ceremony, we got a chance to interact with the winners.. Spoke to Madulika about her work,writing and how she went about the stories,etc,just to get an idea on how to develop on some thoughts that pop into my head that i lose not knowing how to lay out into a story…..All in all, i must say this was an evening that gave me hope , and was an inspiration for all budding writers….
For more info about this contest and to read the winning entries, you can logon to the url
Happy reading …… Happy writing.. more strength to your penss….
love n smiles
Aaarti 🙂
Tues, Dec 19 2006

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