My journey of life begun
That fateful Sunday morn
My eyes opened to see this world
My soul,and heart emerged alive
lo,behold my journey had begun!

That little child with time has grown
Yes! Time sure has flown
A lot has been learnt,mostly on my own….

With ups and downs
With tears and laughter
With stupidity and wisdom
With friends and ove
I have found a means of celebration
That will one day lead me to my destination

Tick tock, the clock ticks away
Minute by minute,hours fly
Tick tock, flows my journey
I have searched, questioned and found some answers

But I am still on this journey
My passion for life which was once raw
Tuned over the years as i trudged along
Know now, life’s journey, it never never ends
For every end, is a new beginning

Aaarti (c) 19th April 07

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