My friend and i had decided to go out for lunch and we zeroed in on this place, cos we’d both heard abt it but not been there.. we’ve been friends since high school and even worked together till abt 2yrs back, she is now in Hydie and was here for her sister’s wedding..

The place we went to for lunch was Sanjeevanam, its in Nungambakkam, behind Good Shepherd High school , Further down from Cakes n bakes… Anyways, i left home around 1.15 and got there ,waited for her to come.. We then made our way to the 1st floor where the restaurant is and found a seat in a corner.. We could hear a girl talking about the food at the neighbouring table and Anita sighed ” Oh,God, i hope we dont get a free lecture”.. after a couple of minutes, a waiter came to our table, laid out a paper(the thing they place on ur spot on table)… and he brought a cup that had 2slices of banana with some coconut shavings on it.. and then laid out 5tiny cups with colorful liquid in them… Pretty soon, this girl walked up to our table and asked if we would like a explanation on what was laid out.. we thought, why not and said ok…

She then mentioned that the way of eating there was initially a fruit, followed by liquids(dates in milk, badam n kaju milk, beetroot soup,spicy buttermilk and another milky thing) and then they would serve us the course that had raw veggies, followed by semi cooked and then fully cooked veggies along with brown rice(the unpolished rice, supp to be healthier) and white rice.. the meal would be complete with a payasam(sweet like kheer) and water will be served only at the end… I think they have a total of 26items on this menu.. sigh~!!!

Now,this was a whole new experience for us,but since we liked veggies, we thought Chalo,lets enjoy it… i hope its good.. 🙂

They laid out a nice big banana leaf(traditional in South india) and served 4raw veggie salads – cucumber n carrots ;beetroot,carrots,raw mango salad;banana stem raita(beyond healthy, the juice esp for diabetes); and finally a sweet made using rice flakes,jaggery and sprinkled with coconut shavings.. all of them were yummy… and only after your atleast 50% done with this,do they bring on the next course… This had white pumpkin and daal koottu called olan;,mix veggie koottu(made using coconut, chilli paste) & raw papaya in curd(this was absolutely lip smacking, i couldnt believe it was raw papaya,tasted so good)… these were pretty good… just as we were done licking our fingers clean.. they brought the next course

A daal based thogaiyal(kinda like chutney); mix veg avial(yet another dish made using coconut,chilli paste with boiled veggies) ;banana flower curry(this is supp to be very very healthy), bhindi curry(lightly cooked).. along with this they served a spoonful of brown rice and a gooey mixture of daal.. it was yummmy… 🙂 yea,i know..every piece of this meal was yummmy….

Finally they served white rice(normal rice) with sambar and gave us a bowl of kadi,rasam and buttermilk to serve ourselves… the grand finale was a hot delicious payasam(kheer kinda, made using jaggery,coconut and some other spices)… and then a spoonful of Honey to help digestion and then a glass of warm yellow color water(probably had haldi n some mild spice)…. phew..what a meal it was…. and all this for just Rs100/-.. Unbeliveable…

So,next time you see a Sanjeevanam restaurant.. do walk in and savour this.. Although i doubt i can eat this more than once a month.. way too much food.. 🙂

for more info about this company, chk out their url…

happy eating… healthy eating… 🙂

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