Wow, its already 15th july.. The past couple of weeks has been so busy, but good.. had uncle(s) visiting from Delhi n USA, so that always bring a joy to the family.. we all get excited… now more so cos of the new baby in the family, my delhi uncle’s baby- Lakshmi.. She is the sweetheart of the family… actually not just us but all who see her fall in love with her instantly…

Some of the interesting things i did the past couple of weeks

— Got my Visiting card printed n done (and must say,it looks sheek)

Visited the Chennai museum, my 2nd visit in my lifetime.. the last time was also with USA uncle,but then he dragged me and my cousin, this time i asked him if we could go.. only sad part was that 2of the buildings were closed for renovation..sigh… Must say,it was a good experience… But my all time fav museum has to be the one in Bombay, that was awesome, and so filled with history and information…
For more info , chk out their site –

— Went to watch Sivaji wit no prior planning, decided in the evening,and got my sis to book tickets online and drove in pouring rain and caught the movie.. sitting 5rows from the screen,yet another 1st for me.. Enjoyed it thouroughly.. so what if the movie had more than a few traces of other movies, the joy of watching it with family is something…

— Another major cool thing was that i got my blouses stitched and done with way ahead of everyone else. normally am hunting for a tailor in the last minute, going crazy and wondering if i have to repeat a saree.. This time i was happy… also got to wear some new sarees(1 was abt 7-8yrs old and other was a gift from aunt for cousin’s wedding)..

— Went to dinner with uncles,sis and cousin to this lovely veggie restaurant called Flower drum(had been bragging abt it, and actually got around to going there, normally we jus talk abt it,nothing happens…), so that was good..Food was yummy,good company,raining outside.. what more can we ask for,right… 🙂

Hmmmm,what else did i do.. Gosh,everyday was filled with so much activity – either shopping for uncles or furniture or just chking out some stores.. we did it all……….. 🙂

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