Waiting at the traffic signal, with nothing to do as my sis and her best budd were busy talking to each other..totally ignoring me… duh… i pulled out my weapon,armed myself and began to search for something fun to click.. yea,i know,u guessed it.. my weapon is none other than my sweet smart phone… 🙂

The Sun i bet is hiding behind the clouds looking down at me smiling and thinking “poor poor girl..well lets atleast give her something to time pass on… “

Isnt this pic cool.. this is what you get when u focus on the traffic and street lights, swish swish your camera about, letting it fly in air,jus make sure to have good hold or else your phone’s gone … and u dont know where…. 🙂 ,anyways, jus let it flutter about and click,dont stop,and this is what you end up with.. you could also try this in a fast moving vehicle, same effect…. 🙂

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