Bugger, the bat i found at our gate, with a whole army of crows waiting to attack it..wonder what this guy was doing out in daylight.. tried helping him,but he bite me and flew away.. hope he is alright… was so pink and a baby am sure… sharp teeth,must say… Ouch 🙂

My heart just stopped when i saw this little baby birdie in our backyard, he must have fallen off from the nest or when his momma was carrying him somewhere.. dint know what to do, his eyes werent even open yet, and he was pink and so delicate.. tried feeding him milk, and he opens his mouth so wide and took in a few drops, took care of him couple of days and then left him under the care of another birdie who fed him one day and next day, poof, he was gone.. hope he survived and is ok.. have never felt so helpless…

This one was a beauty.. a pretty butterfly ,found him in our car, guess he wanted a ride in ac car as well.. stood still just long enuf for me to click and then started fluttering about.. opened the window a bit and of he went flying away… so colorful, with vibrant hues of red,orange and black.. was afraid to touch him,lest i hurt him.. God creates such wonders, we can only stare in awe…

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