A collection of pics i clicked on my phone past couple of days…. no reason,no theme..jus liked em and so captured the moment…. 🙂

My cousin at Satyam theater cafe.. around 1am… 🙂

Whoa..chk out em wires.. wonder if the city is having a conversation thru these wires.. they are jus crawling everywhere… this was taken at a traffic signal..

yet,another pic of how wired the city is.. this pole is supp to shed just light for the traffic but it seems to be doing more.. maybe giving cable connection or maybe sending out some wierd signals to all mobiles.. wonder what more they can do….

Lip smacking pastries.. they looked like they would melt even before one took a bite.. darn it, i so wish i had bot some n dug into it.. but good me kept the evil me away… and voila,all those cals, who wants em right….. phew… 🙂

Wonder what this is.. wonder no more.. its a shoot from our wacko Bamboo tree reaching for the sky praying to God to spare it from getting chopped off.. yea,right.. Everytime someone walks by,scratch scratch,poke poke it jus swishes its branches like a wand….

Poor guy, sitting all alone on our gate waiting for someone interesting to come into his life or for his buddy to return home??? but he dint wait too long, saw another birdie and flew away…traitor… lol….

Is this his friend???? was he spying on the guy on the gate or at me taking a pic?? hmmmm, food for thought right… he must have lost interest,for no sooner did i click him,he flew away,high up into another tree and sat where i couldn see him anymore.. smart cheeky bugger….

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