No,am not talking about this weekend,duh~ its just starting, am referring to the one that went by.. Oh,what a weekend it was.. absolutely amazing and way too much fun.. plus the beautiful sexy weather of Blore.. cool,cold and rains.. i love it there.. was talking to my uncle now and he said today was actually warm.. boy,am i glad i was there last weekend and not this…

Anyways, my journey began last thursday, 2nd Aug, when lata and i decided to head to blore, a day earlier than usual, a day ahead of the Nukkad mela, had been looking fwd to it for sometime and finally it was time… we were pretty excited.. reached the station around 10.15 and began our wait, that proved quite testing.. for not only dint we know when our train was gonna leave, but there was no place to sit or get something to eat, all stores were shut.. Gosh, we were at the darned station till abt 12, when suddenly platform number 11 flashed on the screen, carrying our bags we ran towards the platform only to realise the Train was missing, yep,it was… there began the ordeal that will go down in my life history as a once in a lifetime experience…

i would actually reccomend all to go thru it, cos then you realise that the wor “patience” takes on a whole new meaning.. Lata was getting antsy and she was tired, i was ok, tired n pissed off but was filled with hope that the train would come and we would indeed be on our way to blore. so went up n down, spoke to a couple of odd ppl who were also waiting like us.. etc etc and finally just wen we were ready to give up and say “lets go home”, we heard the siren n saw the light.. yipeee. God did exist.. the train pulled into the station and us carrying our bags, pulling mine along searched for our compartment which was at the other end of the long train… sigh,we were tired by the time we hopped in and found our seats.. not to forget hunger… 🙂 l.uckily we had some water with us..

and then, the train took off at about 2.30, kept vincey informed cos the poor guy was gonna come pick us up in the morning.. made sure he knew not to come at 5 and chk and come when the train arrives.. thus began our journey to blore and thankfully no more hitches or glitches.. what a relief…. 🙂

Landed in blore on fri 8.15, vincey was there to pick us up and we headed straight to the Service apt we were staying in.. whoa, the place was awesome.. showered, had some masala dosas n coffee and headed to vincey’s office near Forum and decided to take it from there.. Met up wit Bhawna there, she shares office with him, chatted a bit, had some fun, as always and it was chow time… decided to go to this place called Gramin, but it was crowded, the guy asked us to wait for 10mins but we chickened out and went to Bayleaf instead where we were seated and waiting for abt 20mins.. lol… had lunch, and then had to go to Hutch as Lata’s ph was giving her trouble, actually it refused to work, poor thing,was in a state… the Hutch lady did her magic and voila, it worked.. in between all this we did loads of road crossings. those were way too much fun.. hehehe.. me,vince, bhaws n lata.. up and down, crossing crossing, crossing again.. lol….

we then headed to Forum, had ice cream at Gelato..yumm stuff.. its bcom bhaws n my tradition..lunch then ice cream n then for vince, we go to Kalmane coffee n have amazing filter coffee, forgot what he calls it.. n then decided to loaf abt a bit, he got bugged, went back to office..we shooed bhaws also cos she had stuff to do and we went abt up and down buying stuff, window shopping… having fun.. Bhaws n lata wanted to go to Bounce , so we headed there around 6, but lata couldnt get her hair done, and so we took a detour n decided to meet PD , thats where we met his friend from Iran, Nazi, sweet thing and from there went to Catholic club to be joined by the rest of the gang.. Vijay Nayak, Musty n Tas, Amit kulkarni came with Vijay nair from airport, bhaws n vince.. and ofcourse PD n Nazi.. had a super time… after which we dropped Lata back at the apt, she was sleepy,poor thing.. and we headed to airport ot pick up Archhana from bby… : as always we got back and a fun nite.. me,her and nair..talking, pulling each others legs…. etc etc…. ended around 2.30 with Nair begging us to let him go sleep…

next day was mela day, we were all charged in morn… got woken up by nair who rat a tat tapped on our door n disappeared… grrrrr… he then went with Amit to pick up Don aka Rajesh pandey from abad and Vikas sahay from delhi… they aaramse got back only around 12.. by then vince came over n we were all yapping away... the site from the balcony was amazing.. it opened up to this army school of horses, training, equestrian.. and we could see zillions of horses prancing about.. god,they were gorgeous….and oh, there were these two adorable doggiess downstairs…..angelsss…. 🙂

So,these guys landed, we were meeting vikas for the 1st time, so intro over , we got down to businesss..hehehe… decided to head out for lunch… called couple of others, dragging them in as well. went to Bombay post, in TGIF complex on airport road, nice place… were joined by Deepa(she makes candles, gift wrappings, etc) and from there we decided to do a bit of shopping, killing time till 4.30 which was wen vince said he will come pick us up.. so we went to 100ft boutique store, looked around, archh bot pretty earrings.. n then we got back cos she was a bit tired… chilling out in room, n then got ready and waited for vince… just as we were like “lets go”, he said “wait, sunil bhide is there downstairs, let hm get ready”… we were all like “who”,”what”wher”..”are u sure”… lol… and then we discovered he had come but sneaked in, he dint know any of we got a chance to give him a warm our ishtyle welcome…hehehe…. nice guy, he’d come from dubai, to bby on work and then to blore for mela.. sings very well…vikas is also amazing….

phew..anyways, reached the venu… nice airy place… the ivy unwind island (… only drag was it started to drizzle n rain and so we were shooed inside.. instead of being outside in open air.. 🙁 but hey, it was fun nevertheless.. with good company everything is fun right… so the evening went by, meeting talking to old and new friends… some food that amit made sure we all had… more laughter, wee bit of games… foot in mouth disease was amock…lol.. and well, the eve wore on.. loads of new faces…. very diff from prev mela, but fun nevertheless.. loads of kids and some were beyond adorable.. like asha’s daughter, and sid’s niece… soo sweeet…. the nite finally kinda melted out around 12.30 wen we were literally shooed away… poor incharge guys, had a tuff time keeping us quiet.. kept shutting off speakers, and we kept turning em back on..hehehehe….

Got out, talking some more.. chit chatting..yakking.. and it was around 12.45 or 1 wen we were heading back to the apt and we knew more fun was to continue there.. vijay nayak so wanted to come but his wife was like “are u coming home or”, was a interesting site to watch… got back to the apt, and had some more fun sitting outside. .singing talking…etc.. and the fun went on till 3ish which was wen we crashed… next morn, 11ish the delhi boys left.. and then couple of us caught up for lunch at Koshy’s
and then went aroound town , dropped off Bombaites in airport and then it was jus me and lata… had dinner at a place near Don’s house..sethji’s,very nice and headed for station after settling bills around 10 and were so relieved that the train was on time.. phew… and now back home and back to routine…….. what a wonderful trip it was….. 🙂

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