May you live all the days of your life.
– Jonathan Swift

My Big day was just around the corner … the day i had been looking fwd to as always every year… a day that gives me smiles and makes my life better…. oh,yes, i am talking about my Birthday… 🙂

For a while all had been asking me what my plans were, and honestly i dint have any.. normally dont have any, something just happens… earlier when my friends were around, we used to catch up for lunch or movie and hang around at home, talking, yakking away… but ever since they all got married and moved away, bdays are filled with phone calls from them and more yapping on the phone… the only diff being in person, over the phone.. this year was very nice.. very special.. probably the 1st bday of its kind and am gonna remember this forever and ever.. nope,i dint party, infact dint even go out anywhere… it was Krishna jayanthi and so decided to stay put at home and NOT WORK.. had told my colleagues that i am OFF and not gonna touch Work… and they were sweeet enuf to oblige and let me enjoy the day..

plus i was very happy, since i had spent time with A during the 1st wedding and then with V at Pondy… that was all i wanted… no gifts, no fancy things.. just friends who are special and with whom i spend valuable time with.. so i kept telling all that my bday party started last week itself.. and it shall go on till my next bday….. 🙂

The prev evening, went n spent some time with a friend who was in town…. we then had dinner at this place called The Farmhouse on ECR road… a nice place, n the decor was also simple and neat… quite interesting…..anyways, yea, back to the story… we had dinner and i got back home.. while on the way a friend L from bby called to wish, she was soo sweet, “am feeling very sleeepy,so decided to call and wish before going to bed”…. 🙂 and then after hitting home, changed and was talking to granparents when another friend V called to wish.. there started the flow of sms’s… from friends, more friends and some more.. i must have dozed off around 12, but kept waking up every now and then cos my phone would beep.. signal for an sms… 🙂 this went on till 4th nite,12midnite to be precise when another good friend La, from bby sms’d saying he had had a busy day and so was late in wishing me… if i were to list em all down, dont think there would be enuf space…. friends from chennai, bangalore and other parts of india.. surprise calls from friends abroad.. everything happened…. truly amazing day… [touch wood] ;o)

4th dawned… bright and early.. woke up to cousins phone call wishing me and to a flurry of sms’s…. and then my uncle from usa called to wish, followed by another aunt uncle n gramma from blore.. the whole day went in me answering calls, replying to messages and chking out messages on the computer…. it was a quiet day but i had fun.. it is wonderful when friends remember, call and wish….i also got a lovely bouquet of Red roses from a dear dear sweeet friend of mine in Bombay(have known her since college days), she had thotfully sent it and called to wish me tooo soon after that….. this was how my day was… perfect.. this is what made it very special…

the evening was puja time.. helped out gramma with puja sweets, etc and also putting the krishnar kolam( using rice flour paste we put footprints , it is supposed to be lord krishna walking into our home into the puja room… )… its my duty to do this, so i did it and then had puja… got prashad.. then went to my parents house to share the sweets n savories …. got back home… and couple of more friends called to wish…. think my granparents just abt lost it.. hehehe.. i would be with them and then suddenly disappear for a while.. would be on the phone…. 🙂

today is 5th… bday is over.. or rather the day is over but the fun still continues… and i sure hope these friends are around forever and ever….. :)))))))))

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