There are times when i have these mini fights at home about how much time i spend with friends vis a vie time spent at home.. mom and others find it difficult to understand that friends are very important and they are my lifeline… my support system… my good friends, confidantes and some more… 🙂

So, it was a wee bit of a surprise for them when i said am off for yet another friends wedding.. that too in a small town near Salem… A, another good friend of mine was coming down from Delhi for this and we were gonna go for VJ’s wedding…. i was looking fwd to it,. cos i love attending friends weddings… they are soo much fun…. … to me friends are family, it does not matter that they are not blood related, infact they mean more to me than family at times…. 🙂

Anyways, vj’s wedding was no different… and am so glad i went.. we caught a bus and went on a 5 1/2hr ride to this small town, and went straight to the mandap, changed and made sure to take pics with the bride n groom at their reception.. chit chatted a while, stayed over at the lodge near the mandap, and next day attended the wedding and got back after a equally adventurous 5 1/2 hr bus ride home.. yes, we were a bit tired, but happy and all smiless….. 🙂

This was more like a family wedding.. we were more than just friends.. his family were soo sweet, and we were part of them.. the way his gramma n mom were affectionate, sharing things, how worried they had been earlier, etc made us feel glad we made the trip..we were the only friends there,and taht too girl friends of the guy.. so u can imagine the amt of heads that turned … lol… was fun n yet another beautiful experience that i will cherish…….

It also gave me a chance to spend time with A, we do keep in touch, but never spent so much time,talking, sharing stuff, about our lives, and some more.. it was a plenty of girl time n cracking up for us.. shall cherish these memories for yearss to come….

here’s to more friends n more love n sharing…..

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