Today was a lovely special lucky day for me…. so am all smilesss and happy…

This past couple of months have been interesting, to say the least… i’ve come across people who are good, bad, cheap, smart, cheeky, sarci, difficult and some from the other kinds as well..

As i was telling a friend few days back, “it takes all kindsa people to make this world”, i have realised that we need to be able to deal with all of them to survive and at times get our way..

While out on work, we meet so many diverse people, some are genuinely helpful and nice, while others just pretend to be nice and they play the double game where the only person they think is going to benefit is themself.. All this has made me doubt why we are all so different? why cant we all be nice, simple human beings? anyways…. a lesson learnt is all i can say… Dont blindly follow someone or trust them cos they seem confident and strong, always listen to your heart and go with that… atleast i do and it has paid off..

This is to do with something that happened to me during a project…
I had gone for a training program about 3mths back , and this came through a guy who runs a training company. he called, and i was there meeting him , finalising details,rates,etc and we went through the training.. nearly 2weeks.. and then we parted ways with him promising us our payment in a week’s time cos he was going to have a surgery done.. a week passed, two and then a month and now its been 3mths… yep,i can see you are shocked, but that is the truth… somewhere deep in my heart i knew he would pay up , but i was pissed off with his attitude, and the way he was going about this whole thing.. no calls, no updates, nothing…absolute silence….

And finally he called(1st week of Sep).. it was like a miracle.. that was the day we(freenlance trainers involved in the proj) made a visit to the college.. he called me, said he too had been to the college n they had promised to pay by 20th n we can collect it on that day… the next day,another trainer V,smarty pants he is called (am assuming he called all) and told us “S is lying, i’ve got some info that he is planning to flee the country,dont listen to him, lets go meet the college director sometime next week and sort this out…”.. u shd listen to him talk, u’d believe he was gonna get u the money the very next day… i’d been getting bad vibes from him and dint trust him .0000000000001%.. dont ask me why, its one of those you just know… 🙂

anyways, he and others decided to hold another meeting to discuss this issue n he had taken it upon himself(yep,one more of his “i know wat am doing, i care abt all of u” @#@$#…. and then followed it with a fancy email… crazy guy i tell u.. goes abt things the wrong way…. wonder where or what he is aiming for…

So, getting back to S, he called me last evening and told me that he has managed to organise for some funds, pledged his car, home,jewels(wife’s) and will pay me 98% of what he owes me today and rest during later proj(one that he has in mind, that mite come thru) and if not once he gets more cash… i dint share this with anyone but another lady trainer Sh… we decided to wait and see what happens… today morning promptly S called, we met around 11 at a restaurant.. and he gave me the cash…. also told me that he was paying off others what little he can… and will pay dues later on.. and the reason he had gone all quiet on us was he was embarrassed abt not having money to pay us, college dint give an advance, going by the college repu he went ahead with the project…

Oh,well.. this just goes to prove that people are just pushed into a corner and freak out.. but i know that i was right abt him and was glad i too dint think of him as a crook….

All’s well that ends well …

Ganesha sure is lucky for me.. alwayssssssssssssssssssssssss….. 🙂

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