The state of a cobbler near my house.. had taken one of my footwear to be fixed and saw the place he calls his work place… a shack on the platform.. with nothing but a sheet of plastic to protect him from the sun and rain…..

Seated on a couple of cardboard, he loooked like he doesnt get too many customers… maybe all have moved on to bigger stores to get their shoes n chappals fixed..

He sits here all day.. waiting and waiting…. saw me walking towards him and he was lik “vamma ,eppadi irukka”..[come my dear, how are u doing?].. i have passed him by during my walks in morning, to the gym, to buy veggies( the store incidentally is in the complex right behind where he sits) and would smile at him if i noticed him…..

Was done fixing my sandals n then when i asked him “evvalavu[how much?]”.. he replied with a smile ” nee evalavu kudukkanumnu aasai padariyo, avalo kudu [give me how much ever you feel like giving]”… woww, i was soo surprised… i did pay him enough, and told him if he wanted more to ask, but he put his hands together and thanked me…. :)..

what a way to make a living…. felt so bad……

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