Was catching up with a dear friend of mine,V who had come from out of town on some work.. And we were talking about partying and about what it means to get High on booze.. And she told me this experiment she tried years ago that was soo hilarious but cute…

Way back when she was in her 20’s , she had gone to Europe to explore the place, and one day got curious about whether a person can get a high drinking wine, and actually got out of her hotel room, bot a nice big bottle of wine..

Got back to the room, locked the room, and sat on the bed and began gulping down glass after glass and would ask herself “Are u ok?, anything happening?… hehehe.. and decided to stay locked up inside just in case she lost it .. but then nothing happened.. and she said she finished the entire bottle and waited waited for something to happen… and after a while gave up and got out of the room to chk out the town…. lol…

Thot it was sooooooo cute…. hehehehe 🙂

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