What a day it was…. Diwali – the festival of lights was sure bright and lovely~~~

The day started off around 8am with me saying Good morning (had been working the nite before, so woke up late)… then showered… got new clothes (it is customary to receive them from the elders in the house with their blessings) .. then wore the new saree (its pretty..shall post pics in a bit)… and burst a couple of crackers….

and then came evening.. something we were looking fwd to .. no,not the evening, but wat was in store in the evening… 🙂

me, my sis and cousin were all set to go watch Om Shanti om (with shah rukh khan in dual role…ok..ok..wont ruin in for those who’ve not seen it yet).. but this i must say.. the movie was good fun, entertainment in full swing~~ 🙂

shall come and write about the movie.. but for now, work beckons~ 🙂

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