Director – Priya V
Producer – UTV, Radaan, Pyramid
Music – Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cast – Satyaraj, Radhika, Pritviraj, Sandhya n trillion otherzzzzz

The story is nothing new.. nothing fancy… the same ol.. but done by couple of new faces… its all about what happens when Deva (Sandhya) brings home her new “boy” friend Harish ( by Prithviraj, he’s super cute) to meet her parents and try getting their approval… duh… can you get more original???

her father Arumugam,a cop (sathyaraj in his full form) has made up his mind that Harish is a criminal who’s tricked his daughter….

Now, what followed was what baffled me the most.. why on earth would i spend a load of bucks to watch a movie that rips off scenes from Hollywood flicks?? instead they might as well make a movie that says -scene1 , scene 2, and so on.. u get my drift right??? this movie has swiped scenes from “Guess who”, infact they might as well have dubbed that movie in tamil, for all i care… movie makers think audiences are STUPID.. they pay hundreds of rupees, 3hours of their precious time for wat????

Grrrr… just seeing the scenes had me pissed off n wanting to get out of the theater n demand a refund… why on earth do they make such movies.. hype it so much… and then dampen our spirits…. grrrrr all over again… 🙂

Here’s how this movie unfolded…
The film opens in Malaysia where the two, shifts to Chennai, and then moves to Ooty n then a bit in pollachi(i know all this cos i saw Coffee wiht anu where the team shared their experiences..lolz) .

Trying to be a comic entertainer, there are loads of slapstick comedy and some over-the-top performances by Satyaraj and Prithviraj with their buffoonery, they look more like clowns in a gone wrong kinda circus.

Radha ravi and his “god knows who she is” wife are the family that Prithviraj has, since his folks passed away.. and they are full of “we are brahmins”, wont talk to others, kinda crap.. puhleasee… not today….. people have moved on… so,anyways, when they come to know of his lve with Sandhya, who is “not a brahmin” , they threaten to disown him.. and he walks outta home,takes his friends help to travel with sandhya to india.. and then suddenly somewhere down the movie, Radharavi n wifey are back in india, and ready to welcome him back into their family… all this after he tries to sabotage Prithivraj- sandhya relationship by telling tales to satyaraj… Duh.. are we like stupid to buy this sudden change of mind? where? how? what happened that radha ravi changed his mind???? phew….

Prithviraj is stereotyped and repetitive in his actions, somebody give him a role other than being a chocolate lover boy…. and getting him to speak the Brahmin lingo is putting a bit too much of a strain on him. Sandhya, i liked, but again she had traces of other actresses like Jyo.. a 1st movie of hers i am watching, so she was good… getting down to our famous “Sripriya” (she plays Satyaraj’s twin sister) n screams, squeaks and some more.. ufff..

A bit of sensible acting comes from Radhika(she looks gorgeous) as Satyaraj’s wife. she has come out well in the scene where, under the influence of a drug(that satyaraj uses to try to get Prithviraj to spill his brains out), she blurts out some home truths to the consternation of her husband. oh,well, all in all, a movie that you are not likely to miss too much if you dint watch… 🙂

Priya’s debut ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal’ was a fun, classy, sensibly made film. ‘Kannamoochi yenada’ is a bit of a downer…think she tried to experiment with something new, but dint really understand it or couldnt express it as well….

oh,well, if you still wanna go watch it.. to quench your curiosity.. go ahead… but you owe me a treat afterwards 😉

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