God, it pisses me off when people come for concerts and cant stop talking… today eve we had gone for the last show of Nov fest and there were these 2couples sitting behind us who were yakking away to glory..

I thot i talk a lot. but these 4specimens couldnt stop.. 1st they were talking abt planning a trip away for the new years… then pause… i let out a breath of relief.. and then they resumed.. this was DURING the show.. how insensitive of them… and they were again talking.. making fun of the musicians, their music and Gawd, i was just abt ready to give them a piece of my mind..

And trust me wen i say i dint have to strain my ears to hear them.. nor was i eves dropping… i just couldnt enjoy the music cos they wouldnt shut the F up… yeckk.. why do such people even come to concerts??? if u dont know music… cant enjoy it..appreciate it.. dont know artists… they u shd stay at home or go to some club n get drunk..,.. absolutely dimwits… who just dont know how to behave… and these are all 50+people… not even youngsters…. ufff…. n today being the finale, there was no break, they played on.. was amazing.. and these ppl were commenting on how there was no interval and debated as to whether there would be one or not.. and finally before the last song was over, they were out… phew..wish they had done it earlier….

Aaarti… A very disgruntled fan….

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