When we were sitting for mrigya concert, mom saw the paper with info abt all bands n said the korean one looks interesting.. so went n picked up tickets.. it was for the `17th November~~

The day was like every other day.. worked a bit during the day.. extra diff was went out to have lunch with friend… got back home.. and headed for Music academy… once again we got our front row seats… saw a lot of familiar faces.. a good sign 😉

and finally The Forest came on stage… again on time… wowwieeee~!!!

To be called ‘contemporary’ and ‘traditional’ in the same breath seems a contradiction of sorts. But when the crossover happens effortlessly, the effect is magical! Founded in 2001, ‘The Lim’ or ‘The Forest’ became the first Korean band to skilfully merge the harmonies of traditional Korean music with the more eclectic sounds of contemporary rhythms.

Calling themselves a ‘traditional crossover band’, ‘The Forest’ presents music that is refreshingly original. The natural howl of the traditional wooden instruments mask the more metallic sounds of modern electronic instruments, which in turn, lend power to the traditional lyrical instruments.

The Forests’ music is beautiful… soothing.. reflective….and harmonic, light and tripping and dynamic and powerfully layered. There are pieces like ‘Way Home’ and ‘Rain Runs’ that make one feel as if one was deep inside a forest while ‘Pan Project 2’ and ‘Prism’ has the feel of listening to a full orchestra… the kind of sounds that resonate from their simple wooden instruments is stunning. their 2nd song was Spring dance which was played wiht a difference.. the guy on drums, disappeared n suddenly we heard the sound of a diff kind of drum from somewhere in the auditorium, dint know where.. and then saw him strutting down with this big drum between his legs.. he then got on the stage n had the audience clapping to his beats…sensational…

The Forest consists of == acoustic guitar; the bass guitar, the piano, the synthesiser, an accordion(played by the girl who had us enchanted with the piano); ; traditional Korean wind instruments such as the Sogeum, Danso, Daegeum, Taepyungso(kinds of flutes) and the trumpet(all played by one guy..he was simply out of the world) ; the two-string fiddle or the Haegeum(something that was so small created quite a bit of music, and played by a petit girl); and the 12-string zither or Gayageum(this was sensational..kinda like a harp lying down, and played so gently by another lady… the way her fingers danced on the strings was a sight worth watching).

the music was so pleasant and transported us to the forest, calm waters and made us visualise the morning sun… absolutely wonderful and i was so glad i went… 🙂

For more indepth info about the group – http://www.thehindu.com/novemberfest/korean.htm

For info abt traditional korean instruments -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sogeum

their review in today’s hindu – http://www.hindu.com/mp/2007/11/19/stories/2007111951250800.htm

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