There was news of the November fest in the papers about a month ago and i wanted to go for a couple of them concerts ….

And finally decided to check out 2 that i knew were good.. infact for One i got rave reviews from a friend i the USA, who was going to be in India in nov and was like “i think i’ll book tickets for Mrigya, i shall come down for it, they are awesome”.. he was ready to come down just for Mrigya concert.. whoa, they must be good, i thot to myself.. :)…. the other one i had decided on was Take 4 which was to be on 18th Nov, the last day… 🙂

time went by, and then came,16th November and i was excited as i was going for a concert after a long time… went with mom, we reached the venue around 6.45, show was at 7.15.. exchanged my print out for tickets and got into our seats… managed to find front row seats in the upstairs hall, cos this way i get enuf leg room..else will have to get squished n that is not fun,esp spending 2hrs like that.. no sire.. no thank you 🙂

anyways… clock was ticking.. and on the dot at 7.14 the MC came onto the stage and gave a mini speech, welcomed the band and left the stage.. wow, a concert..starting on time..awesomee…. 🙂

The band was on stage… about 6 of them, with just one lady…. i was impressed~~ she was the vocalist

They started off with a melodius number, think it was called Ganga, and then went on to play nearly 10-12 songs… each of them was a new experience… there was a sufi singer, who also belted out an amazing Qawali that has us all in splits… finally it was 9.15 and they wrapped it up with one of their Rock-carnatic fusion numbers called Catch theone which was mind blowing….

For a band to have played their instruments continuously for nearly 10mins was something that one needs to witnesss and hear to feel it.. they just rocked the whole auditorium… we couldnt stop tapping our feet, or clapping our hands…

and then finally, the time came to say bye.. but we all requested for one more track.. and they sweetly obliged, and played our infamous number “Mast kalander” which wrapped up the adrelin pumped lively exciting nite… and we got back home.. Gosh, what an evening it was… now i shall make sure to chk out their songs, and maybe pick up the cd..

A bit about Mrigya,— a unique fusion band from Delhi which presents a rich blend of blues, funk, latino and Indian Classical music. Mrigya stretches the boundaries of music with a sound that unites the world as one family, a philosophy which is demonstrated in the term “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”. Mrigya became the first Indian band to get a 4 star rating with the Scotsman at the 2001 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is an experience not to be missed!

Looking fwd to tomorrow – The forest, a korean band and day after is the grand finale wiht Take 4 – Trilok Gurtu, vikku vinayakram,Prasanna, and Selvaganesh – Indian Fusion …

You can listen to some of Mrigya’s stuff on youtube, here is one….

🙂 Aaarti – A very happy music lover…

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