Ever since i saw the episode on Travel n living or one of those travel channels, i have been curious about tequila.. especially cos of the way they drink it..

They put a pinch of salt on their left hand near the thumb n have a slice of lime ready. n a shot glass with tequila… dint know why people lick the salt first, gulp the drink in one shot and then instanly suck on the lime… anyways, this thot played around in my mind for years and finally i got to try the same during my recent trip to Delhi..

We were at a friends house for lunch party, and there was some yummmy food and loads of boooze flowing freely…till that moment when P, the host brought out a full bottle of tequila n said its been lying around, “Shots ho jaye” [shall we have some shots].. so all of them got up n R poured out shots for everyone, ie, whoever wanted to have it.. i was looking at it with curiosity… and R is a sweet dear friend, so went n told her, i wanna try too, but never done it before.. 🙂 that is when she became my tequila guru.. hehehe…

Poured out a shot, asked me to show my left wrist, and promptly poured a spoon of salt near the thumb and gave me a slice of lime.. just wen i was wondering what to do.. pat pat pat came the instructions.. lick the salt (all of it :O), then gulp the drink in one shot, no sips and then suck the lime again instantly… sounds easy right… well here goes..

i licked the salt.. (yeckkk.. was so salty..lol) and gulped down the drink in one shot, with wee bit left in glass , then gulped that down as well.. and sucked on the lime… the drink burnt a bit but after that i dont know where it went… saltiness was also gone.. lime too disappeared with the drink.. was fun.. waited a bit to see if i got tipsy, but luckily dint… that was sure a fun experience…. 🙂

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