Was just thinking about how this year was and here are the thoughts that poured in….

This year has been different from the one’s before.. i dont know this for sure, but can risk taking a guess.. 🙂 [who else but me knows right ;o)]

– In Jan i brought home Floppy, who was lurking under a water lorry couple

of yards from my house.. it was Pongal, Jan 14th, when i spotted him, and on impulse brought him home.. he turns 1 in another 2days time.. yipeee~~

Pic 1[on right] – how he was couple of days after coming home..tiny baby …

Pic 2[on left] – how he is now.. all grown up n upto no goood..

– Sometime in March, aunt told us she was suffering from Breast cancer, and hid it from us all cos she dint want to trouble us… 🙁 and so her treatment began in this month… i took her for her 1st body scan… not a gr8 experience i tell u and till date, must have gone along for numerous chemo, radiation and other stuff… hope she gets out of this soon n gets back to normal self..

Work – [touch wood] it has been going great.. i’ve been doing writing and training… and new projects keep coming my way, some i take on, others i say “thanks but no thanks to”.money has also been good, and even if i am busier than i was while working with the corp, i am enjoying what am doing.. no regrets, no complaints… 🙂

– Weddings – attending back to back weddings, from end of the state to the other… went for a friend’s wedding by BUS to Kallakurichi and then returned, got back on the road to Pondy.. whoa, what a trip that was…

Experimenting –
*with food, trying out diff unique recipes….
*new parlor(only cos i won a voucher thru radio contest -http://words-flow.blogspot.com/2007/11/i-won-i-won.html)….
*travelled by bus(for the wedding, read prev note if u dont know wat am talking about)

– Blogging –
back into the blog world full fledged..came across some very interesting blogs; bloggers from chennai; made some friends too.. and met one such lovely fun gal who’s here on a visit [Vids, if ur reading this, advance b’day wishes sweets]

This year is also when i have set many personal records.. hehehe… i dont think these have ever happened before… 🙂

– Working beyond hours and having fun… wooopiee dooo

– Visited Delhi after nearly 12years and had the time of my life.. zimply awesomee..
Made some new friends
Got to stay with a friend n spend time with his family(they are adorable n sweeeeet)
Met loads of people who were just online friends
Had Tequila for the 1st time
Freaked out
Made a quick trip to Ajmer, Jaipur and Pushkar too.. [shall not talk abt wat happened there…hmfph]

Need i go on………….

– Was without using the computer nor doing even .00000000001% of work for 6whole days…wowwwieee… 🙂 ..

– Most number of hospital visits[aunt, floppy, uncle]… they are all on the way to getting back to PINK of health ;o)

– Buying the laptop i have always wanted.. Sony vaio….
[N17 – http://vaio-online.sony.com/prod_info/vgn-n17g/] … Yayyyy.. now if only the net would work.. shucks…

– Nearly stopped watching TV [except for the odd couple of mins i catch while taking breaks from work].. tv is boring.. esp since i dont get AXN or Star world.. rest is just crappppyyyy…

– Reading a lot [diff genres, diff authors].. not on comp, but real books, that have pages and covers… 😉

– Saw maximum number of movies.. [esp Nov – Dec == more than i can count on my fingers ;o)]

Got to see some temples in Chennai that i have never been to.. the Madhya kailash and
Ashtalakshmi temple(absolutely beautiful)

shall add on as i can remember… 🙂

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