I was in delhi couple of mths back.. and thats when i got to spend a lot of time with my baby cousin Lakshmi.. she is adorable and angelic…. 🙂

one day, when me, uncle and L were getting back home from an outing at Dilli Haat, she suddenly said “Frangipani“.. i was lost, perplexed, wondering what she was talking about.. had no clues basically.. asked uncle wat she wanted.. he then spoke to L and said “kuruvi, tell aartikka wat Frangipani is”.. and she with all innocence replied saying” its a flower”….

today, was browsing the net for some info on one of the topics i was working on, and saw the name “Frangipani” pop up, bringing back lovely fond memoriess of that incident in delhi….

we then got back to my uncle’s house, n she promptly took me to their balcony and pointed to the Plumeria and said “this frangipani”…. woww~!! i was stumped…. 🙂

Pic courtesy- Rachel greighttp://www.rgp.com.au]

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