Yipeee.. Floppy turned one today.. for those who dont know him, he is my baby.. my angel… my gift from God… my doggie… 🙂

I sure am lucky to have him part of my life.. and how he came home is a story in its own..
It had been nearly 2yrs since Boss died(the boxer we had, she passed away on Dec 31st.. heart breaking moment n horrible couple of days followed) )

Anyways…. sighh…. we dint have a doggie at home, i was too upset to bring one home and dint think i had it me to lose one more dog…

Aa little bit of rewinding here – we had a puppy Sheeba in our house about 10-15yrs ago, and she was a baby when we bought her, but died exactly 42days later.. one morning i wake up, and grampa tells me ever so gently she died… Gawd, how i cried… and then again Boss… but i know life follows death and its a chain…. so maybe Floppy is my angel for this time..

Jan 14th 2007, i was going out, walking down our road, and saw this little guy lurking beneath a water lorry… he was adorable.. hidden near the tire, he was just peeping out and going back under… got back home, all excited, dragged my sis and went back hoping he was still there… voila, he was… we petted him a bit, looked around to see if his moommy or others were in sight.. nope, nobody around… and i did the “best impulsive act of my life”… carried him n brought him home… all came out to see what the commotion was… and saw this tiny scrawny pup.. me and my sis P were soo excited and happpy…. fed him milk, and he followed us around… we couldnt get enuf of him… 🙂

we finally got the green signal from all at home to keep him, provided we got him chked out by a doc( cos his skin dint look too good, n he had fleas too)… we promptly did that 2days later… Doc gave himn a clean chit, said he was a smart guy, about a mth old and seemed to have done just fine out on his own…. named him Prince Floppy(not floppy disc, but floppy as in flops on his butt all the time…lolz..n well, Prince – ask my sis, her choice.. ;o)) and he has been with us now for nearly a year….

Since we brot him home Jan 14th and doc said he must be a mth old, we took a guess and think today is his bday… Dec 15th… 🙂

he is a sweeetheart.. adorable… loveable and u just cant resist petting him… he might not be the most well mannerd, wont sit if you tell him SIT, he just might look at you wondering where the biscuit is or why you aint petting him, but he is angelicccc… love him to bits… the entire family does…

Happy Birthday Flopppy…. Cheers~!!

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