I saw this poster about a month ago when i had gone for another movie, and knew i wanted to watch it.. not only cos Aamir was in it, but it looked adorable, like a cute movie.. and i was damn right…

time flew by.. and it was Dec 21st.. the day when Taare Zameen pe was due to be released… i had not seen a single trailor or ad for the movie on Tv or theaters… but was hoping to watch it sometime, little did i know i would watch it on the very 1st day..wowwwowww…~!! there were just 2tickets, and i booked em..yipeee.. it was for Dec 21st, fri @ 6.30pm show.. All geared up, headed to the theater and waited with bated breath for the movie to start…

The titles were all made of clay like fish, octopus, rockets, and other figures flitting about… each one transporting us into a child’s world… from the beginning till the last scene, the movie is beautiful..

Aamir’s debut venture, a sensitive issue of a child suffering from Dyslexia, and a family that fails to understand the boy, but finally manage to come around… the boy,Ishaan awasthi, played by Dharsheel Safary, has done a mind blowing job.. he looks so innocent and fits the role to the T. His brother,Yohaan is adorable.. so caring and sweet.. you just want to hug him… the mom and dad are like any parents, except the dad is much more focussed on getting his kids to ace in everything and come out winners.. i guess this is waht happens when in a house there are 2 kids, and each one is at an extreme. Yohaan is first in everything while Ishaan does not even pass his tests, he has repeated class III twice, and the 2nd time is when his dad threatens to put him in boarding school and succeeds in doing so.

Ishaan is a cute little boy, all of 8yrs old, who has problems figuring out letters, alphabets and says they dance.. numbers dance around confusing him.. his hand writing is bad, he writes letters in reverse… the only thing he loves is to paint, and his room is proof of his passion. the walls are adorned with beautiful enigmatic fishes, starts, UFO’s and what not.. its a sight to be seen to understand… every morning he is woken up, and sent to school to be ridiculed by his class mates and punished by teachers, each being a blow on his self confidence.. and so when he goess to boarding school, he withdraws into the shell knowing what is in store for him.. the friend he makes there, Rajan(who relies on crutches to move around) is a sweet kid, who helps Ishaan with studies and they are a sweet twosome…

It is only when the substitute art teacherr makes the entry that Ishaan’s world changes.. Aamir, playing the role of Ram Shankar Nikhumbh(who works at the Tulip school for mentally challenged kids) makes a cool entry looking like a clown singing songs in gibberish that appeals to all ages(and he looks hotter than ever. with a cool Mohawk hairstyle).. he gives the children full freedom to draw what they want, when he notices Ishaan’s paper blank. he then digs in, understands the situation, and goes to Ishaan’s home to talk to the parents.. it is then that he takes it upon himself to help the boy go through something that bogged him as well. the flip book Ishaan’s made when his dad decides to send him away is “Wow”, dont have words to describe it…

The scene where kids are asked to go out in the open and create something is beautiful.. Ishaan sits in a corner making a makeshift boat and lets it float in the water, and it actually moves,with the help of a propeller he has made with wood and leaves…

Knowing that Ishaan loves painting.. he organizes a painting mela for the entire New era school. that breaks barriers, brings teachers and students closer,… Ishaan walks in late, but steals the day, winning the 1st prize… and when he sees what his favorite sir(aamir) has drawn he is stumped.. Aamir has done a painting of Ishaan laughing… the whole mela is so much fun, kids making fun of their serious teachers, each one chiding the other and having fun… and the moment when Ishaan is given the prize brought tears to my eyes… and the way he runs and hugs Aamir is so touching…

Till the end, when finally Ishaan;’s parents understand and come to terms with their boy’s special needs and their visit to the boarding school, and surprise on seeing Ishaan’s progress has been well shot..

A movie that is so different from the rest..
A movie that will leave you thinking
A movie that makes you appreciate and love your child more
A movie that tells you ” its ok, if ur kid is not a whiz in studies, motivate them in what they are interested in and be there for them”
A movie that is so simple and beautiful
A movie that touches our soul, deep deep inside…
A movie that has you so involved that you are yearning to reach out and tell Ishaan “its ok” or give him a hug..
A movie for every person… to watch, to learn, and to carry with them through their life…

Hats off to Aamir for taking on such a project..he is the only one who could have made it so perfect….
The songs blend in with the movie and its storyline.
Not a scene is out of place or odd.
it is a heart warming movie… worth watching over and over again….

here is the movie site for more -http://www.taarezameenpar.com/

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written by “A very touched and smiling Aaarti…. ” 🙂


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