Was surfing thru the channels, and came upon BBC where they were showing a program about Pakistan and how it has evolved or not thru the years… and one snippet was about this TV show conducted by a beautiful lady called The Bhegum… and lo behold, it is not a lady, but a man dressed as a woman… and He/she talks/discusses various sensitive issues.. outright accusations about politicians… and much more..

Amazing… 1st Lola kutty and now Bhegum.. wonder why people(read as audiences) would rather watch a show done by someone pretending to be someone else and ENJOY it rather than go for the real thing…. strange …. us Human’s seem to be very strange indeed…

Ali Saleem is just another Pakistani bisexual, son of a retired Army colonel who likes to dress like a woman and interview celebrities and news makers on TV. He’s also South Asia’s first drag queen talk diva, who has made quite a name for himself over the last eight months with his Late Night Show with Begum Nawazish Ali……………

Some info about The Bhegum–



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