I was recently on a lovely holiday to Mumbai.. a city that has left me wanting more.. and missing all the amazing friends i have there~~~

– my friends mean the world to me and i learnt i share a special bond with my friends, that goes beyond words

– rang in the New Year at the Navy party …. danced for couple of hours.. singing and freaking out at its peak….

– made some new friends…my friends’ neighbors n their kiddos..

– teaching kids maths and english gives tonnes of peace and satisfaction

– i am absolutely comfortable travelling by local trains in Mumbai, but not in chennai

– saw the dabbawala’s in action … amazing…

– saw not one but two movies in a week – The Bee movie and Taare Zameen par(my 3rd time)

– i get psyched out a bit at the sight of Hijadas.. who stop us at traffic signals, in the trains asking for money… but now know i can get away without giving them money..phew, what a relief.

– visited an interesting beautiful temple complex called Gokhuldham- that houses all Gods… Balaji, Krishna, Shirdi sai baba,santhoshi ma and some more.

– tasted Naturals ice cream…

– shopped till i couldnt shop anymore.. no jokes, seriously….

– most places are atleast 30mins away, by train.. which is a hassle, but gave me time to catch up on reading… and observing people…

– saw a sunrise after god knows how long(from the balcony at friend’s house)..what a view..

– Dragged friend,her kids and maid plus her 4kids(yes, the maid has 4 gurls, sweet things) to the Sanjay gandhi national park.(fun experience)

– saw 2gorgeous white tigers(lounging in the grass) and 2 huge lions(right next to our bus)- during the lion n tiger safari

– saw soo much cute adorable sexy doggiesss in the Navy area

– took leisurely walks along the ocean in the US Club… across the golf course.. the paani puri… the promenade… how vast and beautiful they were…

– spent oodles of time with friends and experimented diff cuisines..yummmmy…

-lugged my bags around for about 10mins on a winding road to find the Kingfisher departure terminus.. phew.. tiring n frustrating…

– got to give a sweet surprise to friend’s parents cos she came to chennai wit me.. last min plan… wowwie.. wat fun it was….

Been a long time since i had so much fun…. sigh.. but alas all good things come to an end….:)

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