Today we had a mini war at home.. and no, i was not fighting with mom or my sis, it was between me,mom, uncle and the hairy caterpillars… they were all over our backyard.. past couple of years, i had noticed they were living on the Drumstick (murungakkai) tree in our backyard, but never really seen em crawling about on the floor. but today morning, when we went out to do Kanum pongal(offer sweet pongal and other food items to our forefathers), i saw plenty of these grey furry things on the floor to creeep me out.. eeksss. i wouldnt stand there.. it was like they were on me.. crawling… yuckkkk….

[they looked a bit like this, but more of grey color on top]…

So, we got a stick, tied plenty of cloth to it, poured generous amounts of kerosene(oh, yes, you read it right).. and then lit it up and showed it on these pesky creatures, swinging from left to right, top to bottom…. what an ordeal.. and after a couple of hours, i saw some more squiggling away in our back yard.. what guts these things had to come back.. uffo… tomorrow shall be their last day in our home.. we are gonna burn down the tree and along with every last ounce of these crawliessss…. they are gonna wish they had never stepped foot in our house… there were some cheeky ones that were coming down a slender rope kinda thingy, at full speed.. like firemen do on that pole in the fire station.. zwingggg…. Aaarghhhh….

say ur prayers u nasty creeepy crawly things… cos tonite is your last nite on this planet… ha ha ha ha…*evil laugh* ;o)

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