During my recent trip to Mumbai, i had carrot halwa at my friend’s house. . she and her hubb had tried out this recipe in their new Microwave.. and it had turned out really yummmy.. just the perfect amt of sugar( her hubby said it should be sweeter….).. anyways, we polished it..

After getting back to chennai, i began toying with the idea of making Carrot halwa.. my sis has tried it awhile back, with mom overseeing her cooking(mom gets scared when either of us gets near the stove… lolz)…

During one of my visits to the vegetable vendor, i saw Delhi carrots(those long slender reddish pink ones).. and bot about half kilo.. thot if i dont make halwa, we can atleast make salad and enjoy them.. Today(its been over 4days since i bot em), i decided to get down to making the Carrot halwa.. grated the carrots and kept em ready in the morning.. had bot Mithai mate the day i bot the carrots and was all set…

Had researched the net, found a couple of recipes,but finally tried something on my own.. and i must say it turned out quite good… ( even gramma n granpa enjoyed it…).. here is how i made it…
What you need-

Ghee – 2 tbsp
Grated carrots – 4-5tbsp
Milk – 1/2 cup
Milk maid or other kinds of condensed milk – 4tbsp
Chopped almonds or cashews- 2tsp(or how much ever you like)

Here’s how you make it.. quite simple
–In a microwave proof vessel, pour in the ghee. To this, mix the grated carrots and microwave on high power for about 5 minutes. when time is up, you will see the carrots have almost cooked.. and looked glazed(thanks to the ghee)
–Now, time to mix in the rest of the ingredients and microwave covered on high power for another 4 minutes. I had to cook it for another 2mins as it was a bit liquidy…

This is how it looked and tastes yummmy.. wish i had vanilla ice cream.. maybe i’ll get some and we shall all enjoy a lovely dessert… 🙂

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