Just another boring Sunday… well, not so boring thanks to the match between Aussies and India, where needless to say my team= Aussies won~~~ yipeee~~ but India did put up a good fight, must admit….

Gramma n Granpa were enjoying their afternoon siesta and came around when match was just abt to finish… the dreaded topic of ” what to make for dinner” i knew will begin in a couple of mins.. lolz.. we go crazy, everyday trying to conjure up interesting stuff to make… not just for others, but for ourselves.. its just me and them… 3people, who dont mind experimenting, and trying out diff stuff.. except during weekdays lunch, we make wacko dishes n relish them..

weekdays lunch is pretty routine cos my uncle comes over for lunch and he is errrr,ummm, a bit finicky abt food and prefers the slightly boring traditional stuff… 😀

anyways, coming back to topic.. today we decided to make rotis… n then the scaryyy que of what to make along with it??? broke our heads… had had Soya bean pulao and carrot+cabbage+capsicum salad along with it.. dint want to repeat veggies.. granpa suggested “Bombay chutney”.. now,i’ve never heard of it, so asked what it was…

And well, that is what we are having for dinner.. minus onions ( cos grandparents dont eat onions, and i dont mind.. used to it now, make raita, or salad n have onions)

here is the recipe.. as narrated by gramma…
Besan flour – 3tbsp
Green Chillies 3-4
Turmeric powder – a pinch
Mustard seeds – tsp for tadka
Coriander – chopped up
Chilli powder – abt 1/2 tsp
Carrots and cabbage-finely chopped up – 1/2cup
Oil – 2 to 3 tbsp
Salt to taste
Water to make besan paste…

How you make it…
1.Mix Besan in enough water to make a runny loose mixture, to this add turmeric powder and wee bit of salt….

2.In a pan, add some oil and once it is hot, add mustard seeds,letting it splutter
To this add the green chillies and salt.
You can add the vegetables at this point, letting it cook for abt 3mins..
Now add the besan paste you’ve made, allow it to boil for 3-5 minutes.

keep stirring so there are no lumps, and until the mixture becomes thick.. reallly thick.

Voila.. it is ready… now, am yet to taste, will do that and let you know how it was!!! 😀

Que for readers – –
Why on earth is it called Bombay Chutney??????????????????????
Did it originate in bombay?
does bombay have rights over it?
shd people in bombay only make it??
why oh why?????
if u were to give it another name, what would it be?????????????????? 😉

oh,btw, it tasted good… not very good, but good, just plain good.. texture was a bit like eggwhite( when it is boiled, the kinda of soft bite…mmmm… )… but i dont think i would make this too often, once a year is good enuf for this chutney….

it was made.. eaten and now i dont know when next it shall be made again… 😛 [winks]

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