“Choose your friends carefully, for they are the ones who help mould your life” a saying i’ve heard so many times.. from family members, and other relatives..

I do agree we need to pick our friends with caution..
but arent there times when we just gel – connect with someone and they become good friends?
they might have habits, or quirks that we dont like
but we care and like them anyways…
is this wrong?
should we break off contacts with them?

On the other hand, family is something we are born with
no choice
no say in the matter
and there are members here as well, who are out to get us, being mean or tell tale sorts
who are forever with eyes wide open trying to get us into trouble…????
do we still gotta love em?
care about em?
should we break off contacts with them?

I know.. i know..ur probably wondering where all this is spewing from..
well, over the years, i’ve come across friends who mean more to me than my family
and yes, i WOULD Do anything for them

and there are certain members in my family who piss me off.
with whom i want nothing
they come home, i run the other direction
or stay away….

For example-
I go out with friends[yes, i do have a social life… hmfph ;)]
it gets late… people from home call asking where i am and when i will be back home?[ they stay up anyways, even tho i have my OWN set of house keys]
they are ok with my going out, for they know where i am or who i am with
but they panic and call over n over.. [ annoying at times, but hey, what the heck right]
now, is that because of care or concern?????
or fear that someone mite see me somewhere? and come squealing ” unga aatha ponna naan annikku anga parthein, rathri padinoru manikku [i saw your daughter/girl of the house at that place at around 11pm in the nite].. add a bit of SNEER to this dialogue and some SMIRK, like as if they know something my family doesnt..[they dont know me at ALLL]
bah, i dont care two hoots for such people.. if they wanna tell , let them… thats all i have to say!!!!

Am i wierd? to me, it is not wierd at all.. i live life by my rules, and go by what my heart says. and thankfully it has led me on the right path ONLY till date… so, i aint worried.. but i hear from folks[ read as parents, or relatives] around me that is should alter my ways? is it necessary? and even if i do, i will only be pretending to like people who i cant stand… now, that would be WIERD in capital letters…lolz..

are there are others out there who have such views?

[general ramblings after a restless nite]…. 🙂

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