The birth of a baby is such a wonderful occasion , not just for the new parents but people all around. it means, another generation has sprung and there is something to look fwd to everyday.. watching the baby grow, take their first steps, utter the first syllable, and all the firsts thereon is a joyous moment….

Yes, i do love babies, but at times wish they remain babies and not grow up.. keep telling my uncle to freeze my cousin as she is now..lolz… he says he wishes he could too… Anyways… the reason for rejoicing now is that my cousin has had a baby boy last nite.. she was in pain all day, and finally delivered the baby.. 🙂

Now am dying to see the baby.. but alas, looks like i’ll have to wait couple of days…. looking fwd to more babies ( no, i’ve not lost it, just that another friend is also due around now] 🙂
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