Was reading this post on Chakoli‘s blog and brought on the idea for this post of mine… 🙂

I’ve had more than my share of bumping into people i know, and ofcourse some others where i dint know the person, tho they seemed to know me.. or atleast had seen me somewhere, and i had even spoken to them..eeeks…. here are some … 🙂 [random picks from my brain]

Scene 1
[walk into the neighborhood N Supermarket, looking around at veggies, and i see a lady with a baby, was looking at the baby, thinking how cute, n then noticed the sexy scorpion tattoo on lady’s forearm, headed towards the bill counter, and then saw the lady again there, behind me in line.. she looked n gave me a BIG BROAD SMILE, like we’ve known each other forever]
Me: Hi, that tattoo is awesome. where did you get it?
She: Oh, thanks. got it abt a year ago, here only, in chennai at X’s place
Me: ok.. nice.. me been thinking of getting one…
She; Ah, cool
btw, hows ur dog?
Me:[time for the startled how on earth do u know look].. Errr, he is good.. But,ummm, errr, how do you know i have a god?
She: oh, we met the other day at Dr P’s place, you had brought your dogggie, remember?
Me: [walking along as billing was done] Sorry, dont seem to remember.. but thanks for asking
She: No worries… u take care.. bye.
Me: Phew..

Scene 2
[at the nearby grovery store,]
Me: [waiting impatiently for the guy to give me the stuff i asked for, when the lady standing ahead of me is busy giving her list out]
She:[She then turns n ] Hello, beta… how are u doing?
Me: errr, am doing good thank you
She: Hows mama papa doing? tell them i said hello
And is the construction work in your house over?
Me[ big time puzzled look on my face, look around to see if she is indeed talking to me or someone else]
What construction work? nothing going on in our house
She: No, its going on na. i saw.. the watchman told me you were renovating the entire house..
Me: Oh,no, thats not our house. thats our neighbor Dr V’s place. we live next door to them.
She: oh, okay.. thought you were his daughter.. anyways, sorry abt that beta..
me: ok, aunty, bye [ beating a hasty retreat..] how wierd~!!

Scene 3
[we are back to the N supermarket, and am in the shampoo section, near the entrance, looking at the new Dove shampoos]
She: Hullo beta, how are u doing?
Me:[ what, do a sudden 360 turn and almost trip over her trolly] oh,hellow aunty, am doing good, how are u? How’s S aunty? and P?
She: all are good, how come i dont see you these days in the morning?
me: that is cos there is too much school traffic, so i walk on the other side, aunty.
She: do you know of any young girls, who can come work in our store [ they run a medical supplies store, btw]
Me: not really aunty, but shall look around and keep you posted if i find any
She: [not ready to let go] we need someone who knows basic computer, we can train em further
Me: ok, aunty..
She: You know our shop na, its there only, so we are looking for someone for there only
Me:[ready to go invisible just abt now]… yes aunty, i know.. will let you know.
[flip my phone to pretend like i got a call] excuse me aunty, i better go.
She: ok, beta.. see you..say hello to all at home.. come home sometime..
Me: yes, aunty. you too. bye..

Scene 4
[outside Satyam Theater, after watching a movie with sis n cousin, walking out, looking for our car]
She: hieeee, A, how are u doing?
Me:[ who,what where..splutter,stutter]. Oh,hi, am doing good. how about you[ all the while brain is churning trying to come up with her name]
She: am doing good, in C only, working with I company
Me: Ah, nice. lovely.
She: so, you in touch with N or A or anyone else from our class?
Me:[ ah, okay.. she n i did PG together, now i remember..cant forget this make up clad face] Not really, just B, R, and R.. others dont really know..
She: i dont have ur number, give na.
Me : [errrrr] sure, here it is.. give me a missed call [still cant remember her name..darn it]
She: ok, got it… now store my number n be in touch
Me:[ brain wave] Tell me ur full name na, will store it..
She: Duh, its just P, u know… 🙂
Me: phew… that was wacko…
makes me think —
how many people do i know?or are these people all acquaintances that just pass by n are forgotten? :0have a fun weekend..[photo courtesy- google][text courtesy- my brain cells] 🙂

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