Like caterpillars? Those tiny green wriggley crawlies??? You must have played with one of them when you were small, as a toy.. and am sure you’ve seen some wriggling around amidst veggies or in your garden… But am talking about caterpillar on a platter..
No, we dint order a plate of these green squishies.. my cousin found one while enjoying lunch today.. can you imagine that? these little guys used to travel only in Cauliflowers n other green leafy veggies, but now they have become smart, and started hiding in Rice sacks n flour packets .. Smart alecs i must say..
Was at cousin’s house, and they were enjoying lunch… midst our banter, my cousin let out a tiny shriek n squeal… kept pointing to her plate, saying “its a worm”… we all started inspecting the little guy, asked her if he was moving or dead.. hehehe.. she gave us a glare, pushed him away, without really touching and continued eating… i did tell her to wash her plate, and take fresh rice.. But she retorted “thats ok”…
Couple of seconds later, an aunt walked by.. we pointed to the plate and showed the guy to her. she then called the cook(yes, they have a cook.. so what?:P). and said ” maami, chapadula puzhu irundudam -cookie, there was worm in food”.. The cook looked at us, and in a matter of fact voice said -“appadiya, arisila irundirukkum, pazhaiya arisi- really? must have been in the rice, its old stock” and walked away…
We were flumoxed… What was that?she just blamed it on old rice and went away…Was that excuse acceptable? Shouldnt the rice have been washed well?
Makes you wonder how many crawlies and bugs we put in our mouth everyday… scary thought i know.. eeeks… jeepers… dont even wanna think abt it… 🙂

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