A friend of mine, Vik has tagged me… i wonder why, but hey some of them are fun.. so me gonna

take my turn to do the tag and pass the baton to more friends… 🙂 [stop groaning, its fun…i

swear…i promise… ;)]

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over:
now there are way too many songs i love and listen to , but let me try narrowing the list down..
Clarity — John Mayer

She’s everything – Brad Paisely

Take me to your heart – MLTR

I hope you dance – Ronan Keating

Seasons of love- RENT (musical movie)

Katrin Mozhi – Mozhi (Tamil movie)

Jashna- e – bahara – Jodhaa Akbar (Hindi movie)

Pehli Nazar mein- RACE(Hindi movie)

Eight things I want to do before I die (In no particular order):
– Bunjee Jump (yes, i reallly wanna)

– Get a Butterfly tattoo (have a feeling this will happen soon);)

– Travel to places i’ve always dreamt off ( yes, i do love travelling n exploring places)

– Languages – i know wee bit of French, little more of Spanish.. would love to learn these two to
master it and be able to converse freely… i love and have a flair for languages(or so i’ve been told)

– Buy a house and fill it with stuff i’v always wanted to have in my home (candles, posters, trinkets from my friends, photos from my childhood till now)..

– Dogs, dogs, and more dogs… right now i have one, wish i could bring home one or two more.. dont mind bringing them off the street, i just love em….

– Write a book (ya, i wanna write – it mite be filled with my poems, or short stories, but i shall get this done…)

– Adopt a baby…. (yes, i realllly wannna…. a baby girl… yessiriee)

Eight things I say often:
– Oh Shucks

– Shoot

– What a bunch of BS

– Take care

– Love you

– Sweet

– it doesnt matter/forget it

– cool/kewl

Eight books I’ve read recently:
-Leadership and self deception- Arbinger institute

– The Kite runner

– Memoirs of a Geisha

– One more day – Mitch Albom

– Body language

– Games Indians play (actually 1/4 way thru it)

Chennai latte

– The World is flat

– Talent for Training

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends:

– Simple: I am quite down to earth.. wit friends there are no major expectations, and we all have a good time when catching up.. sit around at someone’s house yapping away, or jus wandering about with no words exchanged…. special moments.

-Dependable – they know they can depend on me for anything… jus to be there, money, or otherwise.. 🙂

– Fun: i am the kind of person who can smile even when seething/upset… always have a smile on my face, and try cheering people around me as well.. love laughing, having a good time and making sure with friends around, there is not a dull moment…

– flexibile, n adjusting

– Loyal n trust -trust me with their lives, secrets and some more.. once a friend, always a friend.. thats me..

– Helpful – if i can, i will do my best to help a friend out… getting them a job, financial aid, being there for them, travelling to spend time with them even if i am beyond busy….

– care n affection…

– independent and self confident….

Eight things I am passionate about:

– Writing

– Books

– Music

– People

– Dogs

– Travelling

– My space(alone time)

– Work

Eight people i am gonna pass the tag onto are








have a lovely day y’all.. happeeee women’s day…. 🙂

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