This time i got tagged by another blog buddy,
Vishesh.Quite an interesting one and made me think (something you all know i dont do very often)

10 years from now.. what/where/how will i be. for someone who doesn’t think beyond the next 5mins, this is quite a task i tell u.. thinking this far ahead, is quite scary… 😀 anyways, let me give it my best shot… 🙂

1. Bunjee jump (yes, i want to do this.. very very seriously.. hang upside down n look at the world from the monkey’s point of view ) 😉

2. Continue to be the way i am…

3. Backpack trip in Karnataka ( have heard there are loads of places to explore there..wilderness)

4. Get a name for myself in the Writing world..

5. Make a trip to visit all my friends across the country/world [not that many, but they are scattered]

6. Play the guitar [ bryan adams my inspiration]

7. Keep writing letters[ oh,yes, i love writing letters and sending greeting cards]

8 Be myself, not change one bit..

9 same as 2 & 8

10.Continue Blogging n reading

Not gonna tag nobody… but if any of you wanna do it, go right ahead~~~ 😀
Let me come back here 2018 and see how far i’ve gone… 🙂

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