Dont know when it started
but i loveeeeeeeeeeee Mehndi…
Anywhere, any friend or family getting married.. i mite not attend the wedding
but Mehndi party.. no way, i shall not miss.. lolz.. 😀

infact most of my close friends also know it
to a point where if i announce “a wedding is happening”
they would be like ‘oh, so we shall soon get to see some more mehndi pics..”..hehehe.. [they are jus jealous… is that possible? considering most of em are guys??:P]

There are good mehndi’s.. ok ones and ofcourse the few that i wish i could scrape off right after getting it applied.. alas, not possible. traces remain…. 🙂

here are some of my mehndi pics(of my hands filled with color…)

and then we went to Dakshin Chitra on Sunday, in 2 cars with uncles, aunts, and some cousinsss… walked around, totally bored, ooh’d aaah’d at some bangle ladies, sneered at the Kuri josiyam lady(cos she was faffing the same S%#* to everyone), not to forget melted in the blazing sun.. literally melted in our skins.. and were ready to freakkkk , when we saw this Mehndi lady sitting on a lone chair in the middle of a …

well, nowhere.. there were pictures n portraits of jesus, mary and another section of the room had nothing but bells and door knobs… wierd na… anyways, we decided to give her a try and get our mind offf the HEATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.. Gawd, i hate this city for the climate… sigh.. anyways, here is what i got done there.. i know i know.. dont say a word… jus sigh… that is good enuf.. heheh….

Oh,well, guess every time is a experience…. now, i shall have to remember to not show my hand around wherever i see a mehndi cone.. but will i be able to resist ????? 🙂 hmmmm.. something to ponder about…

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