Type i do
hundred a minute;
Speak i do
dime a dozen

Mind of mine
runs as fast as it can,
Brain trying hard
to catch up and stay focussed

Plenty of times
lose track of reality,
Dreams and castles
i build in air and around me.

Crash boom bang
jolted back to reality
“Ah, found you finally”
they exclaim!

did i want to be found??
loving it, running amidst my fantasies
safe and protected
knowing there is no pain or hurt

“Life”, i know, is built on hopes
and wishes
do they come alive?
or are they just lost?
as lost as me?

Aaarti (c) 28th April ’08

Random thots floating in my head as i saw that picture, so i let it wander away….. 🙂
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