Couple of days back, my dear friend A called asking if i wanna come Shopping with her( she wanted to buy something for her hubby, since it was his bday).. rolleyesshe had also planned on making a chocolate cake(a 1st for her),.. i tagged along with her, and we had a lovely time..

Got back home, baked the cake, put on the glazing and it looked yummmilicious.. After about 3-4 days, i felt the urge to make the same cake at Home.. Thanks to my awesome memory, i remembered the recipe and got out all the ingredients, and baked the cake.. and must say, it turned out simply divine.. got polished off even before i could remove it from the bowl i baked in… biggrin

here is how i made the Eggless Chocolate Cake..razzrazz

What you need:
1cup maida
3/4 tsp baking powder, 3/4 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 tbsp cocoa pdr
1/2 tin milkmaid
1cup milk
Few drops of vanilla essence
1 1/2 tbsp powdered sugar
75gms Butter

How to make the cake:
Step1- In a large bowl, Mix the maida,Cocoa powder, baking powder and the baking soda.. Then use a sieve and dust it off onto a plate or another bowl. keep this aside..

Step 2- In another mixing bowl, take 75gm butter, to this add the powdered sugar and mix well till it gets fluffy( you could use a blender for this purpose or the spoon is good enough)
To this add the mentioned quantity of milk n vanilla essence
And then add in the milkmaid.. mix all nicely till it becomes smooth and creamy..

Step 3- Take the bowl (from Step 2), and to this mix in the maida mixture, and beat well till the whole things blends nicely..

Step 4: Pour the cake mixture into a microwave proof bowl
and bake for 5mins.
Once time is up, let it sit and cool for about 3minutes before you touch or test it out..

Ta da… your cake is ready…

I tried making double the quantity at home.. all that i did was double the materials used and cook it for 10mins instead of 5… tastes yummmy.. nice n soft.. 🙂

If you wish, you could add icing to this with Icing sugar, butter and instant coffee mix… 🙂

Tip to chk if cake has baked well:
Run a sharp knife straight thru the cake to see if it is cooked.. if the knife comes out clean, its done…

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