Saw these quizzes on Priya’s blog and thought, what the heck… here is what they said about me… 🙂

What Animal Were You In Your Past Life?

You were platypus. You were eccentric and unclassifiable and it still shows. Your strength lies in your diverse associations with all walks of life. Although many people try to identify you, only you know your true self. You’re a self-thinker and a bit of an introvert.

What flower are you?

You are a Sunflower. You are spirited and vivacious. Willing to do anything to help others be happy, and ask nothing in return. You always see the bright side of any situation and are the life of the party. It is impossible to feel down when you are around.

What city should you live in?

You should live in Paris. The city of lights will appeal to your appreciation of beauty and romance. You are a lover and a poet by nature, and Paris’ sensitive charms will be a perfect match for yours.
How Lucky are you?

You are a Horseshoe. You are pretty darn lucky. Life is easy and you don’t have any complaints. Sometimes you just start laughing hysterically because your life is so good. Every now and then you have a dose of reality, but seriously, those moments are few and far apart. You are in the top of the luck chain!
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