Na, we dont have a mouse at home.. eeeks.. we would all be screaming from one end to the other… 🙂 this is something different..

Last nite we discovered we have a live mouse trap at home.. 😉
At around 11.30, Floppy started barking like crazy.. we thot ‘must be someone at the main gate or wandering about near it”[ cos he screams at anyone within 1 km of our home].. this went on for a while.. and then we all kinda got worried, one by one like ants we got out to inspect.. saw him with his dead inside the car, near the front wheel barking at something… thot it must be a cat… tried to wean him outta there, but he kept at it.. Dad turned on the ignition, moved the car about, front and back, nothing.. nothing ran out or scampered away, neither did we hear any whimpering… couple of secs passed.. phew.. Floppy went quiet….

and then ……… it started once again… Oh,god… we were lost.. brought out the torch n tried peeking into the tiny space.. nothing.. i was also wee bit scared”what if whatever that is inside pounces out…lolz’…. and then voila, it happened.. our man, the brave and courageous, relentless Floppy caught the rat that had been hiding inside.. it ran out, running for its life, but Floppy ran faster, it was like a race, and he caught the rat…. 😉

Phew.. night adventure was done..
we all went back in
feeling proud to have such a smart(asss) dog…hehee… 🙂

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