Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif
Direction: Abbas-Mustan
Rating: lollollollollol

A Movie that has been on my mind, wanted to watch it, but dint happen.. it must be over a month since it was released and i finally got around to watching it..

Went for it with my sis and friend.. and must say, the movie was reallly awesomee.. i Enjoyed all the twists turns and plotting.. not to forget the techno stuff, and the car race towards the end of the movie.. it had me gasping, smiling, wondering whats gonna happen and some more… 🙂

here is a sneak review of the movie…

As Saif Ali Khan confesses in Race: he is only scared of honest people. The rest, he can handle and outrun, in any and every race. scruples? Ethics? do we know these words??? 😛

Its all about 2 brothers who begin by racing bikes in their childhood and end up fighting a RACE life itself, with each one trying to outdo the other.. phew.. . Younger brother Akshaye hates big brother Saif, who not only won all the kiddy races but also managed to walk away with the family fortune, leaving kid brother completely dependent on his generosity. Akshay Khanna works his magic using the love of his life(or so he gets Saif to beleive), Bips . But it isn’t Bipasha alone who keeps you guessing about her loyalties. In this gritty game of death, loyalties are as slippery as quicksand and it takes just a flick of a pretty head for a sweet simpleton to turn into a pucca predator. what happens in the end, you ask? Oh,well, cant let the cat out of the bag,can it? you need to watch the movie to see what unfolds and you will gasp and wonder with every turn and move…

questionDoes Saif die?
Does Akhsay succeed in killing the brother he hates?question
Is Bips the bitch or is it Katrina?
Whats up with the song -Touch me, touch me, kiss me kiss me?
Who loves whom?winkwink
What the hell is happening?eek

by the time your mind processes these questions, in walks our cop Anil Kapoor, R.D, and his wacko secretary Sameera reddy… What a team they are.. and it is amazing to see the whole movie unravel, with so many turns, at times we lose track of whats happening.. but dont worry, you will understand whats going on..eekeek Till the last scene, the movie has us in our seats, relishing it…

What works for Race is that you can never predict exactly whats gonna happen next. Just when you think, this could be the last twist in the tale, it surprises you with another twist. There is almost a twist in every reel!

Directors Abbas – Mastan deserve credit for their execution, they succeed in holding your attention throughout the movie. The direction is complimented by the screenplay although the impact would have been much better had the story been more convincing.

The music is good, catchy numbers thru the movie…Pehli Nazar Mein is my favvvvvvv song…

Saif Ali Khan delivers a powerful performance. His expressions, intensity are top notch… He is so Hot and wowwww… lollollollollollolwinkwink

lolAkshaye Khanna is wow in this movie..wink

Anil Kapoor provides some much needed comic relief in the second half. As RD, who keeps eating a different fruit each time, he rocks. Some of his dialogues are hilarious. Some of his dialogues are hilarious.

Bipasha Basu is HOTwink especially in the song Allah Duhai Hai. Performance-wise Bipasha is good. Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous, but in the acting department strictly average. She needs to work on her dialogue delivery.

Vrooom… Race away…. lollollol

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