Ok… now here are the movies i saw this week… brot home the DVDs and freaked out on them… lol

Juno- lollollollol
Sweet story about a girl who gets pregnant, and how she deals with it.. her family, the couple who wish to adopt the baby, and the boyfriend….

Blind Dating-lollollol
Romantic funny movie about a blind guy, his wacko bro, and the girls he tries to date and the one he finally finds who is meant to be his…. 🙂

United 93-lollollollollollol
A horrifying true story about Sep 11th hit, but of the 4th plane that crashed elsewhere, with the passengers taking over the plane and not letting the terrorists succeed.. however, in the process they do sacrifice their lives.. a moving tale of lives….

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring-
A wow movie set in the middle of nowhere, the relationship between a master and his student, and how the boy goes thru life over the seasons… brilliant movie.. must watch….

Viaje a Darjeeling-eeklol
A wierd movie.. couldnt make much sense of… about three brothers, and their journey to find their mom…. funny, serious, quirky… and well,offbeat…

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