Last week, i got to spend some time with a good friend of mine… and she watches tonnes of movies.. they dont have cable at home, plus she has always been the kind to pick up some good movies and sweet thing, will recommends em to me…. and will lend me the movies if she has em..

So, in this manner.. i saw some sexy amazing movies and brot home couple of DVDs which i enjoyed thoroughly… since the list is long, i shall do this over 2 posts… 🙂

The movies i saw where

3 ironlollollollol
A movie about a guy who is homeless, makes others’ homes his until he breaks into a home and falls in love with a girl….

Feast of lovelollollollollol
Beautiful movie about love, and how people make mistakes in love, and how at times life cheats you…. sweet…

Chungking Expresslollol
Two stories woven into each other… love, waiting, and foolishness… you will start looking at a can of pineapples with a different view altogether after this movie… 🙂

Michael Claytonlollollol
An attorney known as the Fixer in his law firm comes across the biggest case of his career that could produce disastrous results for those involved….

And loads of Tom n Jerry too… lollollollollollollollol

Now follows the movies i saw after this movie marathon…. 🙂

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