Friday was a day when i got to spend time with friends i dont meet that often… and more than who i met, it was where i met that made the evening special..

it was at Anokhi’s Eco cafe. A quaint little place hidden away formed the perfect setting for a quiet tete a tete over cups of Tea and words. As you drive down TTK road(the one with Benjarong in it), you will see Park Sheraton on your right.. take the right at the signal, and drive maybe 100-200yards and you see “Eco Cafe” boardsmilesmile and a quiet entrance into haven…

This is a store cum cafe, kinda similar to Amethyst, except its wee bit smaller and not that popular… Infact, met a friend who has never heard of the place, and so not been there ever. he was stunned that such a place even existed, to top it off, he lives just around the corner… lol… today was chatting wtiha friend, who again gave me a similar reaction’ Anokhi, where is it? is it some girls hang out place…” [dont worry, i gave it back to it…lolz]

Anyways… as you walk in, you dont even get a glimpse of the boutique and the cafe hidden behind the plants and trees.. Once you walk around them, you gape in awe at the setting and the cosy seating area around the back[which is a smoking zone] Take your pick from the seats, have a fan keeping you cool and enjoy the bites and treats…

This was where my friday evening was spent.. 1st met a friend, chit chatted with her couple of hours, had a peach iced tea, followed by Darjeeling Tea.. and then spent some time inside the store, oggling at stuff.. their earring collection is absolutely yummilicious[ a bit on the pricey side]… and then hung around since another friend said he will come over in a bit.. gave him directions, went out, stood waving my arms about making sure he saw me..hehehe.. i really did… and then spent about an hour or so with him, talking, catching up.. nibbling on a sun dried tomato n pesto sandwich with a Masala chai… chai overdose, but was fun~!! smilesmile

Also a place that is filled with fond memories.. have met many lovely dear friends out

Phew.. this place sure makes you feel warm and nice.. no noise, no outside screaming traffic noises sliding in the air, not crowded at all, and they dont have music/tv blaring away to Glory.. so, next time you are around Adyar, or RA Puram, and in the mood for a quiet cuppa coffee or rendezvous, this is where you head…

You can send me your thanks in cash or kind.. both accepted…hehehe…or a cup of tea would also do nicely… surprised

#47/85, Chamiers
Chamiers Road, R.A. Puram
Chennai – 600028
Phone: 044-24311495

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