# Watching a movie with a dear darling friend(actually she is more like a sis, or a mother to me.. very maternal n protective…), her kids and her sis’s daughters.. it was a movie i’ve seen before but nevertheless went for it… had heaps of fun,…. razz
The movie was Horton hears a who…[if u havent seen it yet, go for it.. dont wait.. damn cute adorable movie.. not to be missed.. adults n kids]

# Going to a cousin’s engagement n meeting aunts n uncles and cousins you like but havent met in ages…

# Being told that am someone with an open face, that encourages ppl to open up and talk to.. [ darn it, knew i shd have become a counsellor, would be swimming in millions by now]

# Getting words of praise and sweet nothings from colleagues as a reward for the good work that i do and for being able to deliver on time..

# Referred to as a “College student” by my best friend’s son..hehehe.. cutie pie he is… and then getting wished” happy mother’s day[cos am kinda mom to them]

# A touching sms from a friend who is miles away

# The way Floppy(for those who dont know..yet.. Floppy is my doggie) wags his tail the minute he sees me walking in thru the gate… [full speed like his tail is gonna fall off..lol] razz

# Wrapping a piece of caketo bring home for mom and dad… doing same with paan..[mom n uncle love it]

# Painting the bathroom door in a lovely shade of BLUE [ i did this all on my own…was fun…and exciting]

# Doing Tshirt painting using stencils with friend and her kids.. and watching her do paw prints on my hand..hehe,[ but the thingys fell off.. 🙁 ]

# Buying tiny cute butterfly earrings on the train [ while in bby i did loads of earring shopping while on the train.. fun]

Shall add more later… 🙂

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