Na, i aint gonna talk about some new fruit in the market.. or something i tried 1st time… Today, Floppy had his 1st apple…hehehe…biggrinbiggrin i have tried gtting him to eat it earlier, but then he would take it from my hands n spit it out.. today he actually ate it.. chewed and gulped it down…at 1st i gave with the peel, then when he wanted more, for fear of the peel getting caught somewhere, i gave apple pieces without em.. my baby is growing up…[what a proud moment… lolz]

Another new routine he has developed the past couple of days is to have a cup of coffee in the evening… when mom and all have .. couple of days back, mom brought her cup of coffee to the porch where i was sitting with him.. he went upto Mom, as if asking her for a taste… and thats where it all began… smile .. as long as he aint asking for a latte or cappuccino, i can deal with it…rolleyes

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