Last week, when i had cleaned out my cupboard.. i discarded a few sets of dresses, which were in good conition, but i was not gonna wear em anymore.. they had been either used up, or just not my kind.. u know the stuff am talking about right- ppl gift em to you, you take it with a big smile.. but they just sit in the cupboard hidden away… biggrin

Anyways… was wondering what to do with them..question dint want to give them away to our maid, cos abt 2mths back i had given a whole load of stuff to em… i wanted to give them to ppl who really needed clothes….

While talking to Dad, he mentioned this place.. Rajasthan Cosmo Club … they take cloth, wash em, clean em up, patch them up if needed and then pass them onto some people who could really use them.. you could also donate money.. Chk out their site..

Am gonna go there today and give away all the stuff i have.. and maybe some extra as well.. biggrin

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