Egad… Another tag, this time its to do with me, and only me. IndianHomeMaker tagged me, and so me being a good girl that i am[winks] and taking the torch forward… smile

The tag is to write 10 deeep dark hidden secrets about me that not many know off, or heck, they know it~~ 🙂

1. I love music… need music around me all the time- while working, walking, working out, cleaning cupboards, sleeping, even in the loo… smile

2. Books Books – smilewonder i would do without them.. Am so grateful to whoever intro’d me to reading that today my days are awesome fun with a company of a few good pages…

3. I enjoy cooking, experimentingsmile– and must say, so far, no adventure in the kitchen has bombed… but i am not a big eater.. i really enjoy cooking and watching people relish it, and pass me some good compliments… 🙂

4. Friends mean the world to me- if not for them, i would be raving lunatic, and would have probably killed a few dozen people by now.. hehe.. smile they help me stay sane and enjoy life… I also have quite a number of friends made through Online social networking and blogs.. and they are all very dear… some raise their eyes when i say this, but to me, it matters not, real life friends= online friends(most of whom i’ve met as well)….

5. I am S@#% scared of planning ahead – even if its for a movie tomorrow, i wont. cos one too many times, things i’ve planned have not happened.. so, if you wanna do something today, am game~!

6. I have longgggg conversations with Floppy(my doggie)… talk to him about general things, when am feeling low, when i want to share some exciting news, all the time… and i also wonder what he is thinking about.. i keep telling him:” if you could talk, i bet you would tell me to jus shut up or give me a nice big hug and say love you’smile..

7. I wish my family understood me more.. sometimes i feel they don’t know me at all… sad

8. For the life of me, i cant get up early in the morning.. 7 is the earliest, unless i have to catch a train/flight, or going for a wedding… [ i sleep only around dont blame me :)]

9. I am not too fond of wearing Gold jewellery… i lust after the fako ones, be it road side, or wee bit expensive ones… gramma keeps telling me ‘how abt if i make a gold earring just like the fako one you’re wearing, and i reply- no, i wont wear it… dont “…

10. I have this unique name for my gramma- thats how i address them(both mom’s mom n dad’s mom), which a lot of ppl find amusing… but hey, i came up with it when i was about 2 yrs old… – i call them “aarthimma”( literal translation- aarti-my name, ma- mother, and this is the title that my cousin’s also use to refer to our paternal gramma, my sis calls them both patti) smile

Time to pass on the baton… hmmm, tricky… Ok, here are the souls who get to reveal their buried treasures…

1. Vishesh


3.Cm Chat

And anyone else who wants to~ 🙂

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